About videoconferences

What is videoconference?

It is a modern method of communication for a distance while you are eye to eye. It is opportunity to meet in a conference or meeting, work on a united project, present, train, control and everything without travelling.

Videoconference transfer image, sound and data between two or more participants in two to x places in the world, as if you were together in one room.

Using of videoconferencing

  • For communication inside the firm and also with customers and partners
  • For meetings, problem solving, control, train, presentation
  • Use in various specializations includes administration, health, justice
  • Communication of more participants together
  • Connection of two or more places at once

Benefits of videoconferences

Some of these are very difficult
to express by moneys:

  • Company prestige
  • Good team coordination
  • Ecological solution of the business
  • Effective education
  • Speed decision
  • Less risk for managers in car
  • Shorter duration of the project
  • Possibility of the fast team activation


Other we count very quickly:

  • Travel costs
  • Fuel
  • Air tickets
  • Amortization
  • Fine for speeding
  • Downtime on the road
  • Accommodation

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